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The Danfoss Museum with 65 years of history
The old farmhouse, where Danfoss founder Mads Clausen was born and started his company, has housed the Danfoss Museum since 1991. The museum illustrates more than 65 years of technological development and also tells the story of Mads Clausen. The museum is located at the company headquarters in Nordborg, Denmark. In addition the Danfoss Museum features a Teknorama where children and adults play and learn from the exciting world of technology.

Danfoss Universe website

The Founder and his product

Danfoss founder Mads Clausen was born in 1905 in Havnbjerg, Denmark, at the farm which now houses the Danfoss Museum.
In 1933, after graduating in engineering, Mads Clausen returned to his birthplace. The crisis of the 1930’s had left customs barriers and import bans and he saw the opportunity for producing and selling automatic valves for refrigeration plants – production which until then took place in the United States. So he set up a company in his parents’ attic.

The Story about Danfoss, the people and products

In 1933 Mads Clausen establishes the company, Dansk Køleautomatik- ogApparat-Fabrik.
The first ARV and TRV valves were soon supplemented with automatic AV and AVS valves. Between 1935 and 1938, a long list of new products were introduced – automatic spring valves, ball float valves, thermostats, pressure-controlled valves, diaphragm valves, suction valves, room thermostats, constant-pressure valves and drying filters.

Condensing Units

Mt-mtz-nt Compressor

Mt-mtz Eng

Reciprocating Compressor

Maneurop Scroll Compressor

HermeticReciprocating Maneurop